How to integrate internet and social media marketing?

How to integrate internet and social media marketing?


Social media has supreme power and this has been a known fact in the recent times. Social media has the power to change lives and this is why it is a trusted platform for businesses and brands when it comes down to marketing and advertising their products and services. However, on the other hand, there is internet marketing as well which is also known as E-marketing or E-commerce marketing. This marketing trend is actually a lot older than social media marketing but is less effective. The reason is only the rate at which audiences engage on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are much higher than the people who check their emails every day!

Integrating social media and internet marketing

Despite having less effectiveness in comparison to social media marketing, it still is effective and a productive mean of promotional marketing. Hence, it is a great idea to integrate the internet and social media marketing to form an even bigger, better and effective marketing platform for brands and businesses.

Ways to integrate the internet and social media marketing

There are a few very common and easy ways to combine social media and internet marketing. However, the outcome of integrating two solid and productive platforms for marketing trends is actually very fruitful in the long run. Here are the basic ways in which social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be combined with internet marketing platforms such as Yahoo mail, Google, and other internet marketing podiums.


  • Social media and Search Engines


Search Engines such as Google and Bing are the most trusted sites of users. It is commonly joked that Google is all knowing. So what happens when a social networking site joins hands with a leading search engine? The content that is posted on the social networking site is more widely distributed amongst the online users.  


  • Social Media and Email


Electronic mail has been one of the oldest ways of communicating with other people via the web. This is why email marketing is one of the oldest and commonest ways of marketing for businesses and brands as well. However, the recent marketing tactic is to include social media with the email marketing trend. The best way to do it is by promoting your email content on your social media account and vice versa. For instance, all activity on Facebook is notified via email as well and email accounts make sure to send promotional notification for social media accounts to the users.


  • Social media and Live marketing


The latest integration of social media has been with the online live events that are created by companies or brands. This partnership is not long-term and is rather temporary. However, in the short time duration, social networking sites play their role in promoting and broadcasting live sessions for the audiences to engage with. This is a recently combined marketing tactic that is slowly building its way and earning a static position in the online world.

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